Fresh New Year

In 2016 I would love to keep blooming… as a mom, an entrepreneur, a partner, and a believer. Better late than never!









For NYE we decided to stay in and have a few friends over and my mom came in to town. We tend to make plans last minute around our house and we were super busy during the holidays – Christmas at our home with my family then straight off to NY to celebrate with Tyler’s family for a week, therefore planning for a shindig was last minute. Because we travel a lot and tend to do things last minute I’ve learned to plan and execute quick and I’ve also learned that you get big discounts on holiday party stuff at the typical party retailers on the day of. They are usually 50% off or more which is great, but you just have to be willing to use what’s left from being picked over!

Our house decor is a modern black/white flair with a rustic chic touch, and when I got to the party supply store they had plenty left over party favors that already matched our decor. I LOVE to do floral arrangements. It has always been a sort of release and relaxation thing for me, plus they just make a space feel lived in and organic, so I picked up flowers to arrange from our local Kroger and Whole Foods and chose to go with simple green and clean white as a nod to a fresh new year!

I’m not really all about new years resolutions, but I do hope to be more productive, figure out a scheduling system that works for our family and it’s changes, and attempt to be more on top of my game at planning ahead. How do you plan to improve this year? Cheers to a new year and an improved you!

:tablescape photos by me:

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