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mommy and son street style fashion

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street style boys fashion

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mommy and son street style

mommy and son street style detail shot

women's street style fashion

women's street style fashion detail shot

women's street style fashion shot

women's street style fashion image

This is such a FUN look to wear! Who can lie? It’s a head turner especially in the fall/winter you can’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy about it because it’s so loud, vibrant and cheery. I’m a serious sucker for colors…… and prints….. on prints. Sometimes I say “Ok Olivia, we are going to focus on adding great basics and staples to your wardrobe” and then I come home with 9 out of 10 items in a pattern. *shrugs* For my look here, I basically used the first 3 bulleted points, and it’s easy to do that without even realizing it at first. I’m so used to mixing up an eclectic look that I don’t even think about it much now. I just see items and think “wow, I wanna wear these at the same d*mn time,” typically because I just love obnoxiously fun things together! I love skirts like this – stretchy hugging fabric that feels like a glove and moves with you. And they really are so versatile! You can wear to work, then to playground with the goon, and then dress it up for a date night out or cocktails with the girls!

For Theo’s look I had this blue print ‘Stay Cool’ shirt and his blue striped beanie that went along with the blue theme in my outfit. Then I paired it with some denim jeans that fit him in his waist, but are getting on the short side so I rolled them up for a unique “long-shorts” look. (Kid just grows longer, not rounder.) They also came with the blue and red suspenders which matched the colors I was aiming for this day. Because it was a beautiful crisp cool day I threw on this yellow vest for a little extra warmth and mimicked my yellow!

Truth be told, it is so much easier to narrow down when styling a client and getting them items to work their wardrobe around. Mainly because I am helping to tailor their closet so they can style themselves more effectively and efficiently without being overwhelmed. And for most clients they struggle with thinking outside the box on what to try mixing where. It’s a daunting task, but sometimes you just have to go for it! And go for it girl! Believe me, I am the first to make them push their style boundaries and to have a little fun. Here’s a few ways to help you make some clear and effective choices when mixing prints and colors. And the same goes when mixing up you and your minis looks together, just follow the same guidelines, but for beginners start with just one rule. As you master the art of mixing you’ll become more adventurous and daring!


  • Match colors not prints!   Just as I did above. I kept both pieces matching one another with red and blue, but if you notice the blue in my leopard top is more of a navy while the blue in my striped skirt is a royal blue and yet it still totally works! In fact, in my opinion, its even better b/c it adds color dimension to the look without even trying.
  • Keep fabrics in the same color family.   Lets go a little more in depth about my point here: think pastels with pastels, earth tones with earth tones, jewel tones with jewel tones.
  • Use the color wheel theory to find complimentary colors.   Case in point, my Primary Color coordinated look using red blue and yellow! They are opposite each other on the color wheel, so they work great together! I did this by keeping the majority of my outfit red and blue, then I added the pop of yellow with this fun button-back trench and these yellow and red cartoonish pumps I had which added an unexpected extra powpow! My necklace also incorporated all three colors in it to make it cohesive!
  • Match your shoes to your top and your skirt or bottoms to your jacket if wearing one.   This helps add balance in your overall look by pulling a color from your top down to your shoes drawing the eyes up and down the overall look, versus your eyes being drawn to just one particular region.
  • Stripes and polka dots almost always work.   It’s also a very Parisienne-chic look!
  • The simpler more graphic the prints, the easier to mix.   Think bold black and white stripes – they literally go with anything! Treat STRIPES as a neutral!
  • Use the same pattern, but invert your colors.   For example, use a piece with black stripes on a white background and then a piece with white stripes on a black background.
  • Same pattern, different scales.   Exactly what it says, end of story. Small pattern on top and the same pattern but in a larger version on the bottom or vice-versa!
  • Pair two types of the same print.   Such as floral on floral. Rule of thumb to help make it cohesive is to make sure both prints share at least one color in common.
  • Use the same print in boldly contrasting colors.   For example, use leopard print for your top and bottom, but let the skirt be in a normal neutral brown leopard print and your top in say a vibrant red leopard print! You have the same print, but with a twist!

I totally hope these Rules got you inspired to step outside of your box and give something fun a try! Be sure to share your looks and tag me in your photos!

:photos by:

website: Megan Weaver || instagram @meganmweaver

:My Outfit:

TRENCH: old similar here || SKIRT: Lucy Paris || SWEATER: Lucy Paris at Dillards (couldn’t find online but on sale in stores) || HEELS: Schutz Shoes (oldies but goodies, sowwy) or here’s a Prada that is similar! || NECKLACE: Zara old || RINGS: Forever XX1 and JCrew

:Theo’s Threads:

VEST: GAP Kids || JEANS: Zara (old but they always have similar styles with the suspenders or you can buy the suspenders separate) || SHIRT & BEANIE: H&M in stores || JORDANS: Air Jordan Retro 5 ‘Laney’

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