Put It On My Tab: Buzz Worthy Accessories

April showers bring May Flowers and along with those budding beauties comes all the little guys to help pollinate, protect and nurture plant life! I’ve rounded up my top 12 Buzz Worthy accessories that will have you Crawling with excitement! Fashion accessories are such an easy way to play around with your outfit for the seasons or add an unexpected twist. Right now is the perfect time to get creative and bug out over some seriously cute accessories. I wore #12, the Queen Bee Collar necklace that makes quite the statement with my Coachella inspired outfit a couple posts back. If that seems to be slightly too adventurous for you they also have a single pendant that is just as adorable! And Kate Spade has a myriad of bee inspired options on their website right now, but I’ve linked my favorites below. Which piece would you love to try out?

Put It On My Tab: Buzz Worthy Accessories

House of Holland t-shirt

Baublebar Queen-bee Pendant $54

Baublebar Ladybug Collar

Kate Spade “Be Happy” I’m under $50!

Kate Spade iPhone case (multiple size options available)

Kate Spade Bee-Hive

Miriam Haskell

Gucci (on sale now!)

Stella McCartney also available in tan at Nordstrom.com!

10 Kate Spade Queen Bee bag

11 Olivia Burton

12 Baublebar Queen-Bee Collar

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